Fuel for Amazon: The Ultimate Search Engine

What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon? Part 1 The Ultimate Search Engine


This is our 10-part Fuel for Amazon series on everything you need to know to understand your position with the world’s largest retailer and how we can help.


The Ultimate Search Engine



Img: The Amazon search bar – the entire raison d’etre of your Amazon strategy starts and ends here.


Amazon is the ultimate Search Engine. Why? Because 55% of all online product searches (ref) now begin on Amazon. Not Google or Facebook, but the place where we can and will buy a product. So you have your Google , Facebook or Social media strategy all figured out. Great! But you can’t buy from these places.  On Amazon, you can. And Amazon doesn’t just mean your PC any more. It also means your mobile, laptop, tablet, Alexa, Kindle, Echo dot, Twitch and Prime Video. So how we interact with Amazon, how we navigate on Amazon and how we purchase on Amazon all matters in the marketing mix.


But your brand can’t be found unless you know what to say and how to say the things that matter most for every product and its page listing you want to create. It is called discoverability. Therefore content is king and within that the keywords and phrases that reflect what your customer is searching for so that they can find what they need. You.


When a customer types a search phrase into the search bar (above) they can search through a myriad of terms – by brand name, product name, product type etc and Amazon will then proffer a selection of product results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


These product results are laid out either as ‘virtual or digital shelves’ and priority is given to subtly sponsored (paid for) listings first with subsequent ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘Amazon Choice’ featured further down the page.


Ideally your product should be on the first page. On the top shelf. Because 70% of customers never click past the first page. 35% of customers click on the first product on the product page. 64% of clicks are on the first 3 products listed. 81% of clicks are on brands on the first page.


FFA help to ensure a page 1 listing but how do you get there?


Contact Fuel For Amazon to find out more on – gillian@fuelrefuel.com – we can help to optimize your discoverability.


Coming soon: Part 2 of What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon? 10 part series The Search Engine Results Page SERP – product results pages