Fuel for Amazon : The Conversion (aka the sale) – winning the buy box

What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon? Part 7: The Conversion (aka the sale) – winning the buy box

This Is Part 7  Of Our 10-Part Fuel For Amazon Series On Everything You Need To Know To Understand Your Position With The World’s Largest Retailer And How We Can Help.


The main event. This is what you came for.  That smallish yellow box in the top right of the product page where all the magic happens.


If you customer clicks on this then they are almost at the point of acquisition. All that hard work will have paid off.


On this example below for the Greatonu Women’s Shoe you are prompted to select a Size before purchase. This I have done, and you can see the options change to (after selecting quantity) for Add to Basket or Buy Now


fuel for amazon


Despite several alternative options (from competing adverts or related products) if your customer is satisfied your product is what they want then your chances for a sale are good.


If the customer has not selected your product initially you COULD be listed as Other Sellers on Amazon too. Either which way until the payment details have been completed your opportunity to close the sale is not quite done.


Either way through the optimised product page, the Other Seller options and even, frankly, a competing advert, winning the buy box is achievable.


Can you rate my buy box temptability? Fuel For Amazon can – to find out more on contact us on gillian@fuelrefuel.com


Coming next – Part 8: The Product Despatch – using FBA or doing it yourself to get product to a customer