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Amazon is changing Retail and brands need to control their marketplace presence. Fuel for Amazon supports clients in successfully launching their brands and growing and controlling their presence with the world’s leading retailer in all its major marketplaces – the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, as well as in the USA and Australia.

Fuel for Amazon is part of Fuel PR International, the London based multi-award winning marketing communications agency. Since 1996, Fuel has specialised in supporting clients with intelligent, high profile and compelling brand building campaigns which deliver impact and success. We work with ambitious, forward-thinking national and international clients to enhance positioning, reputation and appeal.

Fuel for Amazon’s sector focus is aligned with Fuel PR’s long-standing experience and expertise in the Beauty (Hair, Grooming, Nails, Fragrances, Indie Brands), Health & Personal Care (Pharma, OTC, VMS, Natural/Complementary), Food, Drink & Nutrition, Baby & Infant Care and Sports Nutrition & Fitness categories.

The Opportunities

Why should brands have an Amazon presence?


of consumers use Amazon to find a product before making a purchase


will check alternatives, background information and prices on Amazon if they come up on a potential purchase in a store


say even if they find something that seems right on another site, they will usually look on Amazon to find other options


won’t look anywhere else if they see a product that looks suitable on Amazon

Source: Kenshoo (Sept 2017)

Top 10 Retailers’ Share of Retail Spend 2017

Source: GlobalData 2018

The Challenges

For many years, brands have ignored the Amazon marketplace, thereby allowing resellers to take over a brand’s products and sell them as they wish. This has inevitably led to reputational damage for the brands concerned.


Current product listings can convey an inappropriate brand message, have inappropriate product copy, low quality and misrepresentative product images.


Any seller appears to be able to own the ‘Buy Box’. Other sellers can misrepresent the brand by using low quality descriptive content, not reinforcing the brand’s message and by undercutting minimum advertised prices (MAP).


As a brand owner, it’s essential to own the communication channel with potential buyers. Other sellers can communicate directly with buyers, with the risk of them being off-message, inaccurate and even misleading.


If your product receives a negative, unjustified review, it needs to be addressed. Respond, as the Brand Owner and restore your reputation quickly.

The Objectives

With 70% of Amazon buyers never clicking past the first page of search results, the primary objective is clear. You need to ensure that your products are highly visible and easily discovered.


of Amazon customers never click past the first page of search results


of Amazon shoppers click on the first product featured on a search page


of clicks are on the first 3 items displayed in search results


of clicks are on brands on the first page of search results

Source: CPC Strategy/Survata (Feb 2018)

How we can help

Fuel for Amazon’s client solutions are focused on five key areas that are critical to success.


Fuel’s 20+ years of working with clients to communicate their brand’s values enables us to identify the key assets and value proposition of the brand and its products for the Amazon marketplace. We then use these to map out the strategies needed to enhance discoverability and resulting sales. Our Product Positioning Analysis is the first step.


The majority of Amazon buyers know what they're looking for. Ensuring your product ranks as highly as possible in the search engine results pages ensures buyers discover your brand and products. Our in-depth keyword research, when combined with compelling descriptive copy, leads to Optimised Product Pages.


Once a potential buyer discovers you, they need to be encouraged to buy. Converting a visitor to a buyer is all about enhancing the brand experience, from additional Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ sections to launcing your own branded Amazon Store.


The Amazon marketplace is fiercely competitive. Newly launched brands and products need to compete directly against existing top ranking products, most of which will also have their product pages optimised for organic search discoverability. Both On-Amazon and Off-Amazon marketing strategies are critical to higher rankings in a crowded marketplace.


Amazon takes into account an extensive range of operational factors when determining your products' rankings. Understanding what they are and how your Seller/Vendor Account can be managed to optimise their performance is critical.

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