Once a potential buyer discovers you, they need to be encouraged to buy. Converting a visitor to a buyer is all about enhancing the brand experience, from additional Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ sections to launcing your own branded Amazon Store.

Amazon is all about the customer experience and how to
deliver the optimal shopping experience for them.

EBC (for Brand Regsitered Sellers) and A+ Content (for Vendors), enhances your listings and sets them apart
from the competition.

EBC / A+

Example EBC / A+ Section

Gives shoppers what they want

If customers are scrolling down to the EBC /A+ section, it’s because they’re interested and want to learn more about your product and brand. EBC / A+ pulls them in by elaborating on your value propositions.

More information

A customer who knows what they are getting is less likely to return it or post a negative review.


The more information people have, the more they want to engage. Amazon’s algorithm measures how long shoppers remain on your page and rewards that by elevating your page in the page rankings. EBC / A+ gives them a reason to stay and absorb more content.

Amazon Store

Example Amazon Store

An Amazon Store is like having your own brand’s website on Amazon.

Multi-page experience

Multi-page Amazon Stores can be up to 3 levels deep and can be used to showcase all your brand’s available products on Amazon in one place.

Rich Media Content

The shopping experience can be enhanced with rich media and content, such as video and multiple images.

Amazon Stores Insights

The new Insights feature enables you to measure the effectiveness of the Store and how a customer interacts with the different pages:
Daily Visitors, Views, Sales, Units Sold, Views/Visitor.

Off-Amazon traffic

Insights also enables brands to tag external, off-Amazon traffic to the Store so that the effectiveness of advertising and social media campaigns can be assessed.

The next key area to focus on is MARKETING.