Fuel’s 20+ years of working with clients to communicate their brand’s values enables us to identify the key assets and value proposition of the brand and its products for the Amazon marketplace. We then use these to map out the strategies needed to enhance discoverability and resulting sales. Our Product Positioning Analysis (PPA) is the first step.

Once we have completed the PPA, we recommend how best to launch the product.

Product Positioning Analysis

1. Digital Shelf Identification

Based on your product’s key attributes, we determine which Amazon digital shelf or shelves the product should be placed on, and in which Amazon Categories it should appear.

2. Competitive Evaluation

We then focus in on the highest ranking products currently occupying these digital shelves and Categories, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and evaluating the opportunities for your product to compete successfully against them.

3. Positioning Strategy

Finally, we recommend how to position the product, in order to ensure the highest potential positioning in the organic page rankings. This strategy then provides the framework for subsequent work in the Discovery, Conversion and Marketing phases – Keyword Research, Optimised Product Pages, EBC / A+ and On- and Off-Amazon Marketing campaigns.

The next key area to focus on is DISCOVERY.