Over 90% of purchases on Amazon begin with Search. The majority of Amazon buyers know what they’re looking for and they use Search keywords to find it.

Ensuring your product ranks as highly as possible in the search engine results pages is all about matching your product page content to those keywords.

This is achieved by creating Optimised Product Pages which make best use of relevant search keywords throughout the page content and then are further enhanced with high quality, high resolution product images.

Keyword Research

Competitor’s Keywords

The first place we start our research. What keywords are the Category leading products using? What levels of search traffic do these keywords have? Are they worth using?

High Traffic Keywords

What other high traffic keywords are relevant for the product? Which have the highest traffic?

Category Specific

Are there any additional high traffic keywords that are specifically relevant to the Catgory(ies) the product will be listed in?

Content Optimisation

Once the keywords have been harvested, they should be woven into the content of the product’s listing Page.

Optimised Product Pages

The selected keywords need to be woven into the product copy as well as the backend of the listing page.

High resolution product and lifestyle images are also essential for full optimisation.

Product Title
Features – bullet points

Product Description
Backend Keywords

The next key area to focus on is CONVERSION.