Fuel For Amazon: Three tips on winning the buy box on Amazon

Fuel For Amazon: Three tips on winning the buy box on Amazon

You have always wondered how to win the buy box? FFA is here to help you!

Firstly, the buy box is the white case on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers can purchase items for their cart. Now, how can you win this buy box?

The first tip, there are 2 influential factors for you to win the box: price and fulfillment. Your price must be consistent with similar other products and must be shipped correctly and on time. It’s very important because it increases your chances to win the buy box! You’ll have even more chances if your products are fulfilled by Amazon.

Second tip, your feedback. Amazon considers more the people with the best reviews to win the buy box, they must be reliable sellers. You shouldn’t have bad comments on your profile, or if this is the case talk to your customers to find out what went wrong with their orders. Account health is important for Amazon, and the more reliable you are, the more chances you got.

Finally, the last tip. Always have products in stock! If you’re selling your product and your stock is less sufficient, another seller will take your place in the buy box because Amazon doesn’t want their customers to be unable to order their product.


Still need some advice on how to win the buy box? Then contact Fuel For Amazon to find out more – gillian@fuelrefuel.com and let us help you get your brand strategy for Amazon ready for 2019 and beyond.

Either way through the optimised product page, the Other Seller options and even, frankly, a competing advert, winning the buy box is achievable.