Why reviews on Amazon are important

Why reviews on Amazon are important

Anyone who has ever sell a product online knows that reviews can be a big deal. But they are really important on Amazon and we’re going to see why.

First, your product review is going to be your brand image as well. So obviously the better are your reviews the better your brand image will be.

You need to know that when a customer is looking for a product on Amazon, the reviews and ratings are take into account what is going to be proposed to the customer.
You have got to make sure that your products are well-reviewed so you can have a higher rank. For example, 64% of purchases in the technology sections are based on the ratings and the reviews.
Moreover, it’s according to the review of your product that the customer is going to decide if it’s worth buying or not. However, all the reviews don’t have to be positive for you to get a great feedback, moderate reviews can do the trick and seem no-sponsored or just less fake for Amazon. But be careful, Amazon forbid sponsored review and you could get banned.

In fact, the feedback you receive is going to be rewarding for you. Having a constant social activity, added to a great feedback is going to create a kind of community with positive advice on your product and even tips from your most loyal customers. Actually, your feedback could also help you win the buy box! (check the article on how to win the buy box on Amazon).


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