Gillian Waddell asks ‘Can an Amazon Brand Store Deliver Better, Faster Results than a Brand’s Own Web Shop?’

Can an Amazon Brand Store Deliver Better, Faster Results than a Brand’s Own Web Shop?

Gillian Waddell, MD of Fuel for Amazon, believes it’s now THE most effective direct to consumer (DTC) online brand launch tool


An Amazon Brand Store is like having your own brand’s website on Amazon. Multi-page Amazon Stores can be up to 3 levels deep and can be used to showcase your brand’s available products and their attributes, all in one place. You can also enhance the consumer’s shopping experience using rich media and compelling content, such as video and multiple products, brand and lifestyle images.


Amazon Insights, the Store measurement tool, analyses Daily Visitors, Views per Visitor, Views per Store Page, Value Sales and Units Sold from the Store, measuring its effectiveness from the outset. Experience shows sales results from a well-designed Amazon Brand Store are usually higher than a web shop, especially for a new brand. Given that 72% of consumers go to Amazon first to find brands they may have discovered through social media or above the line campaigns, it’s not surprising the volume of consumers visiting the Amazon Brand Store overshadows those who have made it to a new brand’s web shop.


A crucial and very exciting addition now also within the Amazon Brand Store Insights offer is it enables you to measure social media campaign sales conversions. This is great news for DTC marketers – social media is rightly now a must in the total communications mix for driving brand awareness and word of mouth recommendations, but it’s notoriously difficult to measure hard sales results. Simply add a ‘Buy Now on Amazon’ tagged link into the social media post e.g., taking the consumer straight to the Home Page or category/product specific sub-page of the Brand Store and the Insights feature takes care of the rest.


Fuel for Amazon services include setting up and designing the Amazon Brand Store, managing brand and product discoverability and driving buyer engagement via high impact advertising campaigns using the Amazon marketing toolbox. Fuel for Amazon also offers ongoing day-to-day operations management of the Amazon account.


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