Fuel for Amazon : The Digital Shelf – sponsored and organic search results

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Part 4: The Digital Shelf – sponsored and organic search results

This Is Our 10-Part Fuel For Amazon Series On Everything You Need To Know To Understand Your Position With The World’s Largest Retailer And How We Can Help. 


You may have heard the phrase ‘digital shelf’ bandied about. In real world terms it would be a shop shelf. In Amazon terms it means the hierarchy of search results featured on the SERP.


Let’s take the red shoes search on a PC again.  Here you can see that aside from sponsored (paid for) product listings and the Our Brands window feature (that’s Amazon own brand of shoes. They like shoes.)


Then you have the other brand or product listings featured on the page. These are the organic search results which are featured by virtue of being, well, red shoes but also saying so in their product description.


This page of results and the presentation of the products is the digital shelf for red shoes.  However, your red shoes could also be defined as

  • Trainer
  • Running shoe
  • Latin Shoe
  • Pump Court Shoe
  • Work party pumps


Search on those terms too and they will have their own SERP with a digital shelf.


How your product is defined by title, image, price, Prime availability, eligibility for Free delivery, stars and reviews matters because this is the initial snapshot of info to your customer.


Note these red shoe listings do not necessarily feature red shoes in their product title. But it will be there in their latter product descriptions. Therefore, the algorithm features them as a result.


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How do I make my digital shelf presentation look good? How many digital shelves could I appear on? Contact Fuel For Amazon to find out more on – gillian@fuelrefuel.com


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