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Fuel for Amazon: The SERP

What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon? Part 2 : The SERP

This is part 2 of our 10-part Fuel for Amazon series on everything you need to know to understand your position with the world’s largest retailer and how we can help.


Adding another anacronym to your vocab? Here’s one. It’s called SERP.  As in Search Engine Results Page. And in the world of Amazon after you have pressed the search button it’s the results you presented with.


Look’s like this when you do a generic search for ‘red shoes’ on a PC:


Fuel for Amazon


Amazon comes back with a variety of products and the first page of results (of some 100,000 for red shoes) is important because the 1st page matters and the results are arranged with a reason.


Not listed on page 1 and, well, you are unlikely to sell.




Because 70% of customers never click past the first page. 35% of customers click on the first product on the product page. 64% of clicks are on the first 3 products listed. 81% of clicks are on brands on the first page.


How to get here?


Well that’s the magic bit. Or the ‘let’s crank the keyword, advertising, conversions and numbers bit.’ FFA help to ensure a page 1 listing but how do you get there? Contact Fuel For Amazon to find out more on – gillian@fuelrefuel.com – we can help to optimize your discoverability.


Coming next – Part 3: The Adverts on the SERP